News Reporting Joti Heir

Recent reporting in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Missile Attack On Residential Building in Kyiv

Getting Out of Kyiv

Reporting from Kyiv the morning for NDTV as Russia Launches an attack

Russia Hits Ukraine Live News

Canada Imposes the Emergencies Act

Protests Shut Down Economy and Residents Struggle

After 3 weeks of trucker protests, Canada is invoking the Emergencies act for the first time. Reporting for the Beijing Hour at 16:00.

Canadian Athletes Scramble to Get Ready for the Olympics in Beijing 2022 (Beijing Hour)

Bombings quiet vibrant Istanbul, leaving streets empty (CBC)

Turkish police crack down on Istanbul Pride

A view from Istanbul as the Turkish celebrate failure of military coup

Why Turkey’s decision to ban LGBT events in the capital could spread across the country

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