In Kyiv

Today, I walked about in the streets, people are shopping, dining and living life. It can seem shocking as governments and news agencies are declaring that war is imminent and yet people are not panicking. However, what can they do?

People, of course, must carry on with their days. They cannot all leave their homes, lives, families, places of work and jump ship. Imagine that in your own home city or country, news outlets are telling you that you should get ready for bombings and tanks upending your life. But it’s your home. Where else are you going to go?

It’s clear that what happens to your city and country is in the hands of people far, far away. They have concerns you can’t do anything about. In fact, some of their concerns and wants you don’t even understand.

So what do you do, you shop for your grandma’s birthday on the weekend. You continue to plan your wedding, you work on your thesis, you do your homework, you make dinner. You do what you can do, and what you have control over.