Ukrainians Stand Alone While Russians Attack Kyiv

Just 6 days ago kids were playing in the park in Kyiv, and now everyone is underground in the dark hoping their water and food doesn’t run out. Ukraine does not have the military capacity to defend itself, while the countries of the West do, but no one is coming to help.

Close to half a million of people have fled the country, but the country’s population is 44 million. The 43.5 million are now losing their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.

I met Daria at the Kyiv train station sitting with her daughter, she is in shock. Below is what she had to say.

Daria is one of millions wondering why no one is helping them while they have the capacity to do so. Kids are helping make Molotov cocktails so they can throw them at the coming Russians, while Western giants have the force and ability of a billion Molotov cocktails in their pockets.

There have been two explosions within the past hour In Kyiv. A giant convoy is on the way to the city while the perimeter is guarded by the military and citizens who have just been given a gun within the past five days. Is the world going to sit back and just let this happen?